During Covid-19
To ensure safety measures are met all hardware external surfaces
must be disinfected prior to receiving .  It is highly recommended to use the "SUBMIT REQUEST" option on this page as every request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine serviceability. Regrettably there is NO IN-HOME SERVICE.


Choose this option if you are looking for Technical Support on your personal computer. 

Choose this option if you are looking for Graphic Services including Virtual Staging.


I have worked in the graphic production industry for over 20 years. My experience spans package design,

pre-press production, marketing design, virtual staging and more. Using Adobe Creative Cloud I can work with you to get your project done!

I also provide computer support to help you find solutions to your tech needs. If you are having trouble or looking to upgrade your personal computer I am here for you. I provide remote assistance as well saving you time and money from the comfort of your home!



I can help! I am a computer expert with
20 years experience fixing problems, glitches and crashes. I take the worry out of computing!

I can also help you set-up your new devices: Tablet, Smart Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Printers and more.

The best news is you do not have to leave the comfort of your home! With a cool tool called TeamViewer, 
I can help you remotely, fix your problems, find solutions and it won't cost you an arm and a leg! 
I provide VIP services for bargain rates!



Lynn Tribbling, Realtor

David is a tech genius. He has helped me many times to setup my new computers and smartphone and fix my workhorse printers that always break down. 

George McKelvey

David is a most efficient and knowledgeable expert. He quickly repaired several faults in my computer - including one which others failed to correct. It is a pleasure to work with him

Shayne Klayman, Talent Acquisition

Dave is a software genius and very reliable. He delivers high value returns and I always felt confident leaving my personal files with him during any computer repairs


Get support for your computer problems from the comfort of your own home!


Read about PC hardware,
how to choose a PC
and more!


Get advice on upgrades,
software, peripherals

and more.

Graphic Projects, Virtual Staging, Publications 

If you have graphic needs I may be able to help. Having been in the graphic production industry for over 20 years I have a wide range of skills to help you get your marketing, signage, publications, flyers, pre-press layouts and much more done!

Contact me today to discuss your project and let's get started!