Taking care of your Computer

You have made an investment in a personal computer and you want to get as much life out of it as possible.


Caring for your computer is something people often forget about once it's all set up and running. It is important to think about dust, pet hair, tobacco and liquids around your PC. This page has important tips to ensure your computer and its accessories have the best chance for a long life getting the most out of your investment. Have any question? Get online support from me by visiting the support page and filling out my form!

PC Screen
PC Care Tips

Best Practices


  • Avoid tight spaces. Ventilation is important to avoid overheating

  • Keep it off the floor. If you must store your computer on the floor avoid carpet. Static electricity can kill electronics so place your computer on something secure to raise it off the floor. ( A sturdy foot stool works)

  • Avoid damp places where moisture is present. Garages or the shed are bad ideas. It's ok to compute next to the pool but not in the pool :) ZAP OUCH!

  • Do not use cleaners or solvents on any part of your computer or its accessories. A clean, soft damp cloth works best on surfaces.

  • Gently vacuum the computer vents and fans to keep them clear of dust and pet hair. TURN OFF THE COMPUTER FIRST!  Use a brush attachment or a makeup brush to loosen the dust while you vacuum it away. Go easy - we don't need to suck the contents of your computer out :)

  • Watch out for food and drinks around your computer. If you have to have that entire bag of Doritos while you work then a damp napkin for those sticky fingers will keep your keyboard and mouse happy. 
    REMEMBER - Drink spills can spell the end of you computer and especially if it is a laptop. Try and keep your tenth cup of coffee at arm's length from your very expensive computer:)