Broken Comuter

Time to purchase a new Computer?

Is your old computer driving you crazy? Have you reached that point where you need a new computer and are you wondering what to buy? Should you buy a desktop or a laptop?

Read on to help make the right choice for you!

Slow Computer Help

Top 5 reasons to buy a new computer


  1. It's over 5 years old, very slow and obsolete

  2. Too many trips to the repair shop

  3. Outdated software causing security issues

  4. Needs change requiring more computing power

  5. Failing or damaged beyond repair

Happy Lady using laptop

Top 5 things to consider before you purchase your new computer


  1. Portability, versatility & upgradability

  2. Computing power and file storage space

  3. Compatibility with your existing accessories

  4. Manufacturer extended warranty options 

  5. Budget and financing options

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