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As software becomes more sophisticated your PC has to work harder to run it. When this happens you can notice a decrease in your computer's speed. Upgrades are a cost effective way to improve your computer's performance with the latest software and accessories. Learn about what kinds of upgrades you can consider to speed things up and get more life out of your computer!

Top 5 reasons to upgrades your PC


  1. Hardrive  (Where your stuff is stored)

  2. RAM  (More RAM allows smooth multitasking)

  3. Video Card  
    (Smooths Video and 3D Playback)


  4. Cooling Fans  (Prevents over-heating)

  5. Operating Systems and Software
    (add functionality to you computer)



  • Has your system begun to behave strangely? 

  • Have you noticed a marked decrease in speed?

  • Have you been getting strange emails from senders you dont know? 

If you have any or all of these symptoms you might be looking at a virus infection on your PC. System security is paramount in today's online world. Anti-virus security software is an important investment for your PC. Think of it as an insurance policy to protect your important data and hardware from theft and damage. 



Is your computer driving you crazy? Have you reached a point where you are spending more time struggling to make things work rather than getting things done! Suffering from crashes or is your system not longer able to work with the latest accessories? 

It might be time for a new PC! I can help you navigate the confusing world of technology and make sure you select the right system for your needs and within your budget! Talk to me today



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