What is Anti-Virus and Internet Security?

Computer virus infections are a stressful experience and can keep you from using your computer. You hear about computer security a lot these days. Whether it is a news report about hacking or a friend who mentions their computer had to be repaired due to a virus.


Computer Viruses can impact your computer's speed, functionality and in some cases can steal your private information. 


Security software is a key investment and can be compared to car insurance. Without it you run the risk of loss of data and privacy and in some cases, serious hardware damage!

Top 5 Causes of Infection

  • Emails

  • Questionable Webpages

  • Shared files from friends

  • Outdated Security software

  • Missing operating system updates

If you think your computer might be infected or just want to ensure you are protected then feel free to fill out this short form and I can provide you with a free check-up.


Don't wait until it's too late!


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