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    Get the help you need without leaving your home. Save time and money by working with me using my secure online platform to fix your computer problems, get training and more.


New Computer Setup - The perfect out-of-box experience**

  • Install operating system updates to make system current

  • Install anti-virus and security software

  • Install personal software as needed

  • Transfer personal files (Pictures, Documents, Music etc)

  • Install peripherals like printers, back-up drives and more

  • System testing to ensure it is ready for you.


File Back-up and Recovery - Make it Safe & Duplicate 

  • Back-up all your computer files on external drives

  • Cloud account sign-up and support
    Learn about cloud back-ups and the advantage of having your files available anywhere you are connected.
    Covers phones and computers. 

Virus Removal & Support -  Keep safe online

  • Malware and Virus Cleaning, Security Software advice.
    Is your PC acting strange? Are you getting pop-ups and ransomware screens claiming you are infected offering repair for a price?  Don't do it! Call me and get the help you need!

Hardware Upgrade Installs -  Make you PC Better

  • Install new hardware upgrades to improve your system functionality and performance.
    Get your video Card, sound cards, hard drives, RAM, CPU and more installed and test properly.

**Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the services required.

† Requires external Hard Drive for local Backup or Cloud Account for Online Backup
(Hardware costs and/or Cloud subscriptions not included)

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Ever wonder what a Hard Drive looks like? Well here it is. This is where all your personal files, music, pictures, videos, applications and operating system are stored. Think of it as a magic filing cabinet. Your Hard Drive can run out of space or over time can stop working. This is why we sometimes have to replace our Hard Drives. They have become very affordable in recent years as demand from our digital lives increases the amount space we need to store all our stuff!

These funny looking sticks are RAM (Random Access Memory). Think of RAM as a parking lot. In order to run Windows or Mac OS your computer parks applications in your RAM. The amount of RAM you have installed directly affects how many programs you can run at once and the speed at which you can multitask. Upgrading your RAM increases the size of that parking lot allowing you to run more applications and speeds up multitasking.

This is a Video Card. It displays your computer's OS and applications on your screen. Video Cards come in many grades of abilities. Depending on how you use your computer, you may need a more powerful video card to allow smoother graphics and video. For example word processing, email and web surfing requires a basic video card, where as graphic artists or gamers require a more powerful card.

Check out this fan! Your computer would melt and die if it didn't have several of these little guys! Your fans keep the computer running at optimal operating temperatures. It is important to keep your fans clear of dust and pet hair. It is a good idea to visually inspect your fans while the computer is running and not running to make sure they are spinning and in good condition. On occasion fans do fail and require replacing at a small cost.

Whether you are a Windows or Mac OS user, your operating system is the heart of your computer. Both platforms perform the same functions with slight differences. Your computer's operating system allows you to run the applications you are familiar with such as email, word processing, photo and video players and much more. As operating systems improve they improve the capabilities and speed of your computer. It is very important to take advantage of the free updates both Apple and Microsoft provide to keep your computer safe and in top working order! Get help with online support from me!


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