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Online Remote Support - Get help online with Quick Support

  • Teamviewer Quick Support
    Get the help you need without leaving your home. Save time and money by working with me using my secure online platform to fix your computer problems, get training and more.


Desktop Computer

New Computer Setup - The perfect out-of-box experience**

  • Install operating system updates to make system current

  • Install anti-virus and security software

  • Install personal software as needed

  • Transfer personal files (Pictures, Documents, Music etc)

  • Install peripherals like printers, back-up drives and more

  • System testing to ensure it is ready for you.


Cloud Computer Connection

File Back-up and Recovery - Make it Safe & Duplicate 

  • Back-up all your computer files on external drives

  • Cloud account sign-up and support
    Learn about cloud back-ups and the advantage of having your files available anywhere you are connected.
    Covers phones and computers. 

Secure Computer Lock

Virus Removal & Support -  Keep safe online

  • Malware and Virus Cleaning, Security Software advice.
    Is your PC acting strange? Are you getting pop-ups and ransomware screens claiming you are infected offering repair for a price?  Don't do it! Call me and get the help you need!

Computer Parts Collage

Hardware Upgrade Installs -  Make you PC Better

  • Install new hardware upgrades to improve your system functionality and performance.
    Get your video Card, sound cards, hard drives, RAM, CPU and more installed and test properly.

**Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the services required.

† Requires external Hard Drive for local Backup or Cloud Account for Online Backup
(Hardware costs and/or Cloud subscriptions not included)

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