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Teamviewer David Pearcey

TeamViewer is a secure remote-assistance platform I use to control your Computer!  
We will work together as if I was there with you!

Why choose to use my service?
Avoid the hassle of struggling to describe your PC problem on the phone, wasting your valuable time or packing your PC in the car to take it to a computer shop.
By choosing to work with me you will:

BEFORE YOU BEGIN - Call me 647-343-4541
Please review the step-by-step instructions below to get you started. 


This will open your web browser and download the TeamViewer QuickSupport app to your PC

CLICK THE QUICKSUPPORT APPLICATION located in the lower left corner of your web browser and open it to install. You may be prompted by a window asking to allow TeamViewer QuickSupport to make changes to your PC.
CLICK "YES" to allow the application to be installed.

A pop-up window explaining the minimum requirements will display. CLICK "ACCEPT" at the bottom of the pop-up

The TeamViewer-QuickSupport application with open which displays your session code and full name. You will see another pop-up window asking to allow a connection to your PC.

CLICK "ALLOW" and we will begin your remote assistance session together!



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